1. We work according to WHO rules: No recruitment from countries that are barred by the WHO Code for recruitment from the health sector. .
  2. We are committed to fair and ethical recruitment and placement practices. .
  3. We are committed to the International Convention on Human Rights. .
  4. We are committed to the ILO Core Labour Standards, in particular the ILO General Principles and Operational Guidelines for Fair Recruitment. .
  5. We are committed to the IRIS Standards of the International Organisation for Migration. .
  6. We are committed to the “employer pays” principle. This includes in particular the costs for language courses, flight costs and recognition costs. In our placement projects, these costs are covered by the employer and not by the candidate. .
  7. As an agency we do not charge any money from the candidates we recruit and place. .
  8. We guarantee high quality German lessons by carefully selecting the language schools we work with and by regularly observing our candidates’ lessons. .
  9. Together with our cooperation partners abroad, we explain to our candidates how they can have their foreign qualifications recognised in Germany. To this end, we translate and explain to our candidates the form for applying for recognition of their foreign degrees in Germany. Together with our cooperation partners abroad, we support our candidates in collecting the necessary documents and provide information on translations and certifications. We know the requirements imposed by the authorities of the respective federal states and are in contact with these authorities. We take the associated deadlines (timeline) into account when planning the overall project. We only work with sworn translators or with translators listed by the German Embassy on the translator list for official documents such as birth certificates, university degrees, etc. .
  10. Residence permits: We support our candidates in applying for residence titles: We translate and explain to our candidates the official form for applying for a visa, or the change of residence title, and help them with the submission. Due to our experience, we are familiar with dealing with the authorities, the meanings of the terms, documents and deadlines used in the entry application form. We pass this knowledge on to our candidates to help them fill it out. For legal questions, we refer the candidates to a lawyer for residence law with whom we cooperate. We are in contact with the authorities responsible for residence permits (embassies, consulates) in the skilled workers’ country of origin and in Germany (immigration authorities, employment agency). .
  11. Integration concept: Together with our clients from the health sector, we develop a concept for the integration and onboarding of professionals in Germany that is supported by both sides. .
  12. Accreditations: If the candidate’s home country requires prior accreditation (this is a requirement in countries such as the Philippines, for example), we take care of proper accreditation in advance and provide the employer with proof of accreditation. If accreditation is required, we also accompany the employer on the way to accreditation. We provide information about the necessary processes and costs in advance of the placement. .
  13. Selection of cooperation partners: We cooperate with carefully selected cooperation partners at home and abroad. Transparency and fairness are also the guiding principles for our cooperation partners. Just like us, our cooperation partners pay attention to compliance with the guidelines of the WHO (World Health Organization) and the ILO (International Labour Organization). .
  14. We accompany our candidates throughout the entire process (language course, recruiting, matching, entry, recognition, integration, onboarding). We are always available for queries. . . Berlin in November 2021