Meet our Team

We are an international and multi-lingual team motivated by our own experiences of building a new life abroad.

Miriam Mueller is the managing director of Startcon GmbH and founded the company in 2008. She is a certified translator and a sworn interpreter for French. She lived in France for several years where she initiated German kindergartens and schools, and later did the same for French institutions in Germany.Miriam has a talent for bringing people together, developing and pushing things forward. Startcon grew out of a small language school, which soon expanded to include relocation services. To-date, she has developed this into an allround service for foreign professionals: from visa services to recognition of degrees and language exams to job placement. In the meantime Miriam was active as co-founder, managing director, mentor and consultant of other companies, which still exist today.

Matheus Ramalho is from Sao Paulo, SP, in Brazil. He studied Economics and obtained his Master’s degree in Industrial and Technological Economics from UFRJ (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro). He gained his professional experience in the banking sector as a broker in the stock exchange and credit analyst. Later, he worked as an employee or self-employed in several companies, where he helped in the organization of microdata and in the selection of econometric models.

The move to Germany, together with his partner, who works in nursing, led to a professional reorientation. Today at Start Placement, Matheus supports nurses from Brazil who want to gain a foothold in Germany. He is responsible for recruiting, interpreting, recognition and entry. Through his own experiences of resettlement in a new cultural and linguistic area, he meets the newcomers with a great deal of empathy, understanding and commitment.

Veronica is from Colombia. She has a law degree and a Master in “Labor Policy and Globalization”. She has been living in Germany since 2018, completed internships at the Bundestag, worked as a consultant and project manager in politics and startups. The topic of international labor law and compliance with minimum standards are particularly close to her heart, and she is just as responsible for Colombian caregivers at Start Placement as she is for quality standards.

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Helen Neumann studied in Paris and Mexico with a focus on intercultural approaches and theories. After her studies, she participated in an advanced training program in art history and helped set up international art galleries in Cologne and Berlin. She has been part of the Start team since its foundation, helping build up the relocation and immigration department. She has travelled extensively throughout Asia and Europe and just came back from a 6-month journey through West Africa.

Familiar with and enthusiastic about the special characteristics of Berlin, Helen knows how to welcome newcomers to her favorite city.

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Deborah Schmitz studied political and social sciences in Freiburg, Buenos Aires, New Delhi, and Cape Town. Her interest in different ways of life has also led her to Spain, Ireland, and to a kibbutz in southern Israel. After her studies, she worked for a social start-up before joining Start Relocation in 2015. She supports our international candidates with great enthusiasm.

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Katharina is originally from Bonn. She studied International Tourism Management in Breda and completed her Master’s in Globalization at the University of Barcelona. She studied and worked for 12 years in Great Britain, the Netherlands, Brazil, and Spain. She came to Berlin in 2019. Katharina has worked in various fields: project management, exports, and, most recently, as a teacher at a vocational school in Barcelona. Other countries, cultures, and languages have always fascinated her. Besides her native German, she speaks English, Spanish, Catalan, French, Portuguese, and Dutch. Now she coordinates apartment searches for our international clients and supports them in their relocation process.

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Lisa Wohlgemuth studied English with additional courses in Law and Psychology in the beautiful city of Leipzig. She has lived, worked, and studied in several countries to deepen her intercultural competence and language skills. Having started her professional life as an interpreter and translator, Lisa moved to Berlin in 2012 and has been supporting Start Relocation ever since. Her main scope of activities includes visa applications and residence permits, finding new homes for clients, and communicating with German authorities. She also specializes in supporting foreign doctors in obtaining state permission to work in Germany.

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Peder Iblher, owner of Startcon GmbH, is a creative director for graphic design and communication at his network agency Blu Dot. He grew up in Hamburg and studied in Braunschweig, Barcelona and Berlin. Interculturalism and cosmopolitanism characterise his interests both privately and professionally. He speaks fluent English and Spanish as well as French. Peder holds his protective hand over Startcon GmbH and is responsible for the company’s marketing and corporate design. In his leisure time, he devotes himself to his family, plays drums in a band or writes on his blog.